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Given a graph with a numeric attribute on its edges, return a graph which only contains edges where the specified numeric attribute is above (or less-than-or-equal-to) some value. Nodes will not be removed, but may become isolates (not connected to any other node).

  • Extract from this number - For the selected edge attribute, alledge which have a value greater than (NOT equal to) this value will be kept. The others will not be included in the graph. If "invert" is selected. All edges with an attribute less-than or equal to the value will be included.
  • invert? - If invert is selected, edges whose attribute is less-than or equal to the 'Extract from this number' value will be kept instead.
  • Numeric Attribute - Determines which numeric edge attribute is examined when determining whether an edge is above the 'Extract from this number' value. If no numeric attributes are present on the graph's edges, the algorithm cannot be run.

Can be used for a variety of purposes, whenever one has a large graph, and wants to get rid of certain edges whose value is outside the range we are interested in. A common use might be to remove all edges whose weight is below a certain threshold, removing weak connections between nodes.

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