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The Map of Science is a visual representation of a network of 554 subdisciplines of science (grouped into 13 overarching disciplines) and their relationships to one another.  Over top this visualization is drawn the result of mapping a dataset's journals to the underlying subdiscipline(s) those journals contain. Mapped subdisciplines are shown with size relative to the number matching journals and color from the discipline.

For more information on maps of science, see and UCSD Map.


It is recommended to clean your journal names using Reconcile Journal Names algorithm before using this visualization algorithm.

Menu Path

Visualization > Topical > Map of Science via Journals

Input Parameters




Journal Column

A column of the input table that identifies a journal name on each row


Scaling Factor

An absolute scaling factor that will be multiplied through all subdiscipline circle sizes

Leave this set to the default value auto for automatic scaling

Dataset Display Name

Any custom data description text you would like to include in the visualization


Simplified Layout?

If selected, a simpler visual configuration will be used

The simpler template contains only the visualization, footer, copyright info, and legend

Show Export Window?

If selected, a graphics window showing the visualization will pop-up when the algorithm finishes running

You can use the export window to preview the visualization result and save it to a variety of output image formats




Journals Located

A table giving the number of occurrences of each journal in the input data that was successfully located on the map of science

Journals Not Located

A table giving the number of occurrences of each journal in the input data that was not successfully located on the map of science

Map of Science Visualization

The visualization as a PostScript file, suitable for viewing and printing

Sample Visualizations
Standard Layout

Simplified Layout

Usage Hints
See Also
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UCSD Map of Science

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