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Extracts a coauthorship network from a multivalued table.

Pros & Cons

Returns a network of authors extracted from a pipe '|' separated table with a column labeled "Authors." The algorithm also collects the following information while processing the table:

  • The number of works a person has authored.
  • The number of times an author is cited. This requires the table contain a column labeled "Times Cited." If the Times Cited column is not present, this calculation is ignored.
  • The number of co-authored works between two authors.

A coauthorship network is a set of nodes and edges where a node represents an author and an edge indicates that they have worked together on a paper. This algorithm allows a user to generate a coauthorship network in an automated fashion. These networks allow a user to then visualize the structure of the network, which, in turn, can lead to insights about how communities interact.

Implementation Details

This algorithm is designed to work on .isi files converted through our .isi converter. It will operate on any table that has a column with the header "Authors," but the results will not necessarily be accurate. Please see the Load Data section to see what file formats are support the "Authors" convention.

Usage Hints

Use the Load ISI File with 'ISI flat format' algorithm. Authors with the same name in the "Authors" column will cause erroneous data.

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