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  • 5.1.3 Funding Profiles of Three Researchers at Indiana University (NSF Data)

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GeoffreyFox.nsf BethPlale.nsf MichaelMcRobbie.nsf


Time frame:



Indiana University

Topical Area(s):

Informatics, Miscellaneous

Analysis Type(s):

Co-PI Network, Grant Award Summary

It is often useful to compare the profiles of multiple researchers within similar disciplinary or institutional domains. To demonstrate this comparison, load the NSF funding profiles of three Indiana University researchers into the Sci2Sci2 Tool using 'File > Load' and following this path: 'yoursci2directory/sampledata/scientometrics/nsf'. Load 'GeoffreyFox.nsf', 'MichaelMcRobbie.nsf', and 'BethPlale.nsf'  in NSF csv format (if these files are not in the sample data directory they can be downloaded from 2.5 Sample Datasets). Then run 'Visualization > Temporal > Horizontal Bar Graph', using the recommended parameters for each.


titleAggregate Function File

Make sure to use the aggregate function file indicated in the image below. Aggregate function files can be found in sci2/sampledata/scientometrics/properties.

titleAbout NSF text delimiters:
If you are using a current format (2014 or later) NSF dataset, use a comma in the Text Delimiter field for all algorithms that ask for it, instead of the pipe used in the older format NSF files.

Run 'Visualization > Networks > GUESS' on each generated network to visualize the resulting Co-PI relationships. Select 'GEM' from the layout menu to organize the nodes and edges.


Figure 5.10: Co-PI network of Michael McRobbie in Indiana University 

To see the log file from this workflow save the 5.1.3 Funding Profiles of Three Researchers at Indiana University (NSF Data) log file.