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  1. Load the CSV file by choosing load from menu bar.
  2. Choose Analysis > Topical > burst Burst Detection from the Sci2's menu bar.
  3. A window will popup and a 7 input parameters are listed.
  4. Usually you will only need to change Date Column, Date Format, Text Column, and Text Separator when using Burst Detection. If you want to have a abstract view of the entire data, set the bursting states to 1. If you interested to the hierarchical burst structure of each word, set the bursting states bigger than 1. Change the parameters based on your need. Please see 'Desciption' section for detail of each parameter.
  5. Press ok once you done adjusting parameters. A new result in csv file will be generated at the right panel. Save it and you can view the result with Excel.
  6. Please refer to description for result fields information.