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Proportional Symbol Map


Takes a table of geospatial coordinates associated with up to 3 numeric attributes and visualizes them as symbols overlaid on a world or United States base map. The sizes and colors of the symbols are proportional to the associated numeric data.

  • Optionally scale each individual dimension of numeric data logarithmically or exponentially.
  • Legends for each visualization dimension show how extrema of the data are represented visually.

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For more examples see these sections of the Sci2 tutorial:

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Usage Hints
  • If your data does not already have (latitude, longitude) geocoordinates, you may be able to look them up using other geographical identifiers like country, city, or full address using the Geocoder or Yahoo! Geocoder algorithms.
  • When applying circle size coding it is important to note that circles overlaid on inset regions, which may generally be scaled down, are not rescaled along with the underlying inset. This maintains perfect relative consistency of circle sizes across the map at the cost of locally over-representing the circle.
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