The Workflow Tracker adds an entirely new functionality to the Sci2 tool. This new feature runs in the background while the user performs their workflow like usual. While running, the workflow tracker keeps a record of every step and every parameter the user selects. On completion, the user can view the workflow, make changes, save, run, or delete it. This feature will be extremely valuable to any user who needs to run the same workflow multiple times with different data sets, or a user who may be more interested in the results, as opposed to the process. Upon saving, the algorithm produces an XML file with a structure resembling the steps taken. This XML file can be added to any Sci2 build with the workflow plugin, and re-run at will.  

Pros & Cons

Implementation Details

The Workflow Tracker was implemented in Java. It depends on the XStream library, which is a library to serialize objects to XML and vice versa. Essentially, when an algorithm or file is registered to Sci2's Scheduler, the Workflow stores it (along with any upfront parameters required), and replicates it in the view with the hierarchy in tact.

 Usage Hints

Generating a Workflow

Saving a Workflow

Loading a Workflow