This table contains data directly pertaining to documents. It includes all fields relevant for all possible (known) types of documents in ISI Web of Science data; that is, a Document is not necessarily always a(n) article, conference, paper, etc.

All "arbitrary" fields found in the original ISI dataset are also appended to this table, as this table is somewhat central to the database schema. Any fields that are not in the following list are considered to be arbitrary:

Note that the above is merely a list of ISI fields handled by the loader, not fields the end up in this table. That being said, this table contains the following fields:

It is possible for References to be matched to Documents (as an "is a" relationship) during loading based on either Digital Object Identifiers and/or Article Numbers matching. See REFERENCE for more details on this. (There is also an explicit Match References To Papers step, which uses different metrics for matching Documents to References.).

In the various built-in extractions, when Documents are specified in the original ISI dataset, they are considered to be inner documents. When they are only specified as References and are not matched to actual Documents, they are considered to be outer documents.