The comma-separated value (CSV) is a simple file format that is widely supported. The CSV file format is a set of file formats used to store tabular data in which numbers and text are stored in plain textual form. Lines in the text file represent rows of a table, and commas in a line separate what are fields in the tables row. The first row must contain the column names. Fields with embedded commas must be enclosed within double-quote characters.


List of 5 articles published by Albert-László Barabási in the CSV file format:

"AL Barabási, R Albert","Emergence of Scaling in Random Networks",1999,"Science",""
"R Albert, AL Barabási","Statistical mechanics of complex networks",2002,"Reviews of Modern Physics","APS"
"AL Barabási, HE Stanley","Fractal Concepts in Surface Growth",1995,"",""
"AL Barabási, RE Crandall","Linked: The New Science of Networks",2003,"American Journal of Physics",""
"R Albert, AL Barabási","Topology of Evolving Networks: Local Events and Universality",2000,"Physical Review Letters","APS"