Network Workbench allows users to load edgelists: simple two- or three-column formatted ASCII files which correspond to specifications of undirected graphs. Edgelist files must be saved with a .edge extension. These files can be converted to NWB format by right-clicking the edgelist file once loaded in the data manager, and then selecting "Save as NWB format."
An edgelist can be specified as being either directed or undirected. To specify an undirected edgelist, the first line of the file must contain the word "undirected" and no other characters (besides whitespace). To specify a directed edgelist, the first line of the file must contain the word "directed"
If a file is not specified as either directed edgelist, or undirected edgelist, it is assumed to be an undirected edgelist.
Sample edgelist formats which are accepted by NWB:

...first example, nodes as integers, undirected edgelist...

1 2
3 4
5 6

...second example, nodes as unquoted words, directed edgelist...

one two
three four
five six

...third example, nodes as quoted phrases, undirected edgelist...

"node one" "node two"
"node three" "node four"
"node five" "node six"



This service was provided by Felix M Terkhorn of Indiana University.